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McKinley Melancon April 1, 2014

If you are facing your first misdemeanor offense and your case is in Williamson County, Texas, you should consider applying for the Pre-Trial Intervention Program if eligible, which results in the dismissal of the charge when successfully completed.

If you are eligible for the Pre-Trial Intervention Program, you must complete an application for the program with your attorney and attach clean drug test results to the application. An attorney’s help can ensure your application is the best it can be, before it is reviewed by the State. Then, the application must be submitted to the Williamson County Attorney’s Office within 90 days of your arrest.

Once the prosecuting attorney has reviewed your application for the Pre-Trial Intervention Program, he or she will contact your attorney to inform you whether or not you have been granted tentative approval into the program. If you are granted tentative approval into the Pre-Trial Intervention Program, an assessment will be scheduled with Sharon Guzman. This assessment costs you $100.00.

After the assessment, as long as the results are satisfactory, your attorney will then receive the contract-signing date, which is the meeting you attend with your attorney to go over the requirements of the Pre-Trial Intervention Program, which lasts six months. These requirements typically include community service hours, an educational class relating to your particular charge, and the agreement to abstain from further illegal behavior. Depending on the case, some requirements will vary.

Once you have successfully completed the Pre-Trial Intervention Program, the case against you will be dismissed. In most cases you will be ultimately eligible to have even the arrest expunged from your record. However, the conditions of the program do not allow you to have a DWI charge expunged.

If you are ever arrested for a misdemeanor offense in Williamson County, Texas, be sure to look into the possibility of the Pre-Trial Intervention Program for your case. The requirements and cost of the program are worth it when considering the case against you will be dismissed!