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Approachable and Professional

I hired Mckinley Melancon to handle a criminal matter. She walked me through every step of the process with confidence and making me feel confident. Not once did I feel alone in the process or intimidated to ask questions. My case ended in an outcome that I desired. I could have not asked for a more approachable and professional attorney and personally, probably the most humble and down to earth person I've met, which made me feel so comfortable.

If you are looking for quality, she's it.

-Aunistazsa G.

A Great Service

Ms. Melancon has been of tremendous service to me in regards to my legal matters. She is a consummate professional and quite knowledgeable in her line of work. She is resourceful and diligent; she goes above and beyond her civil duty in ensuring that your questions are answered and your concerns are addressed. Consider yourself in good, no… GREAT hands with Ms. Melancon and the Melancon Law Firm

-J. Petillo

Detailed & Thorough

I hired Ms. McKinley Melancon to provide counsel and write a contract needed to launch a venture between my business and an investment group. She addressed everything I forgot to mention and was not only proactive, but also attentive to the overall scope of my needs. McKinley earned my trust and confidence- I will absolutely be using her services in the future

-D. Montes

A Professional Law Firm

As a pleased customer, we would highly recommend Ms. Melancon for all legal matters. She is able to consistently compile pertinent documents (artist contracts, NDA's, etc...) on time and with all items needed within each document.

Her experience in the entertainment field is also vast as she is the type to constantly make visits to her clients place of business versus having them come to her, which shows true passion and character for her customers.

A true working professional law firm

-C. Valdez

Highly Recommend

I hired Ms. Melancon to draft my contracts for me so that I can legally do business with my clients for DJing. Not only did she make this process as simple and swift as she possibly could, she was valiant in her attempts to provide me with as much assistance as she could offer. Her work is precise and serves the purpose that you go to a lawyer for. I would advise anybody to use her.

-T. Bryant

Honest and Straightforward

I've never met someone who will work harder for what I need and GENUINELY have a desire to help me out in the best way possible. She's honest and straightforward with every process and accomplishes things I never knew could be done. The best lawyer you can find out here in Texas is easily McKinley Melancon.

-Tory B.

Professional and Personable

McKinley was the perfect balance of professional and personable to me and the court system. She was able to break the legal things down easily to where I could understand all of my options so that I could make the best decision for myself. She guided me through all of the processes while keeping me up to speed with due dates and requirements. I am thankful that I chose her as my attorney because I was comfortable working with her and she did not add any stress to the already stressful legal situation. I would highly recommend McKinley as your attorney due to the fact of how she handles herself with her clients and legal representatives.

-Jace B.

Upfront and Honest

This was a solid and smooth lawyer experience. Upfront and honest as well as affordable. Would absolutely use her services again (hopefully, I won't have to).

-Andrew F.

Patient, Honest and Helpful

Before even knowing if I needed an attorney Ms. Melancon and I had many phone calls. She couldn't have been more patient, honest and helpful. I have her in my contacts list on my phone just in case.


She Is a Fighter

I want to take the time to write a thorough review over the reasons why you should choose McKinley Melancon to represent you.

In the Fall of 2014, I was arrested in my underwear by Travis County over a crime I was falsely charged of. At that time, I was a student at the University of Texas. I had no money. I had no family support. I had no idea of the next steps to make. The week I was arrested I had three consecutive exams, and so I was overwhelmed with the situation.

I started to receive the usual legal representation letters in the mail. I had no faith that I could possibly reach out to any of them with the hope that they would understand the situation I was in. However, there was one individual that I did choose to reach out to.

My case involved someone accusing me of assault with bodily injury. There was no proof. There were only my words against that someone's lies. And as you know, when the state takes a case on, they do the most to try and hold the defendant accountable. Months and months passed. Then, it was a year, and then another year.

Dealing with the state or any government is not an easy thing to do and requires an immense amount of patience. I was struggling with my health, and over the years I was losing faith that I was ever going to receive a trial. But I did.

McKinley is a person of integrity. She is a fighter. She is a passionate lawyer who takes her career to a personal level. When it came to my case, she was persistent. She was understanding of my situation. When I came to her pleading for help with all that I had, she accepted what I could give. Of course, every lawyer comes with a price, but that didn't stop her from arranging a payment plan that I could afford. I put my trust, faith, and hope in McKinley, and she did the most to make sure that I was going to be properly represented. And, in the end, I received a not guilty verdict.

McKinley also has a great network of colleagues. If she does not have an answer to give you, she will work and find the answers that you need. She has all the support possible to ensure that her clients are dealt with respectfully and properly.

If you have ever been charged with a crime, you will know or come to find out that it is a lengthy and tedious process to get a trial. With that said, I encourage you to reach out to McKinley. She will walk with you every step to the decision you will end up making. I can't express how grateful I am to have chosen McKinley Melancon.

-Micael C.